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Banded Blue Onyx 3 Inch Bowl
Banded Blue Onyx 3 Inch Bowl

Banded Blue Onyx 3 Inch Bowl

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Stone Name Banded Onyx
Size (L: 3 Inches)
Weight 30-40 Gram



Crystal Quartz Blood Stone Agate  
Amethese Agate Tiger-Eye  
Rose Quartz Lapis Lazule Ruby Zoisite
Red-Jasper Agate Multy Flourite  
Dalmation Jasper Agate Sodalite Green-Aventurine
Picture Jasper Agate   Red-Aventurine
Black Agate   Yellow-Aventurine
White-King Agate   Blue Onyx
Green Fancy Agate   Red-Onyx
Moss Agate Black Tourmaline Yellow Onyx
  Labradorite Aqua Onyx
Tree Agate   Perridiote Onyx
Golden Agate   Black Banded Onyx

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