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Green Aventurine Orgone Smooth Massage Wands

Green Aventurine Orgone Smooth Massage Wands

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Stone Name Green Aventurine
Size 5-6 Inch Long
Weight 80-90 Gram


More Details:-

Gemstone Chips Orgone Faceted Massage Wands are contains 100% Natural Chips Stones. Chips are covered by Transperant Orgone Faceted Massage Shape and maintain energy behind stone. Available Stones are mention below


Crystal Quartz Blood Stone Agate Unakite
Amethese Agate Tiger-Eye Iolite
Rose Quartz Lapis Lazule Ruby Zoisite
Red-Jasper Agate Multy Flourite Goldstone
Dalmation Jasper Agate Sodalite Green-Aventurine
Picture Jasper Agate Amazonite Red-Aventurine
Black Agate Howlite Yellow-Aventurine
White-King Agate Black Obsidian Blue Onyx
Green Fancy Agate Snowflake Obsidian Red-Onyx
Moss Agate Black Tourmaline Yellow Onyx
Red-Carnilian Agate Labradorite Aqua Onyx
Tree Agate Moonstone Perridiote Onyx
Golden Agate Sunstone Black Banded Onyx

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